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International Yoga Day Celebrated in Carlisle

[B]udding yogis flocked to Bitts Park on Sunday for the city’s first ever event to mark a global celebration of yoga.

Renowned Yoga teachers from Carlisle and the surrounding area worked together to offer free classes between 10am – 2pm in glorious weather.

“We have been blown away by the response we have had to this event!” Caroline Robinson, of Caroline does Yoga first brought the idea to her friend and fellow Yoga Teacher, Martyn Blacklock in a whirl of enthusiasm. “My vision was to fill Bitts Park with yoga mats, but I couldn’t do it alone.”

Caroline and Martyn worked with their network of yoga teachers including The Yoga Studio Carlisle, to bring this vision to life. 200 people of all ages and abilities attended pre-booked or Drop In sessions to enjoy the ancient practice in the sunshine and soft breeze.

Sharron Perkins took part on the day and hopes it can inspire others to try out yoga for themselves “I thoroughly enjoyed it. I came to yoga for many reasons but here’s hoping those that were watching in the park could see that there were people practising yoga with different abilities and it may encourage them to hit the mat too!”

“Yoga really is an accessible activity, and what we wanted to demonstrate with this event was that there are styles, levels and teachers to suit everyone.” said Martyn Blacklock, co-organiser.

Anna Blair lead two Vinyasa Flow sessions, a style focussed on flowing movements in time to the breath: “I taught classes at International Yoga Day as well as spending time soaking up the amazing atmosphere and glorious sunshine! It has been such an incredibly rewarding day with so many lovely, welcoming people all coming together to share yoga and enjoy the day! Thank you Caroline and Martyn for organising such a fantastic event, can’t wait for the next one!”

If you missed out this weekend, there might be an opportunity sooner rather than later to experience Yoga in the Park, Caroline said: “I’m hoping to run regular sessions in Bitt’s Park during the summer and we’ve got big plans for International Yoga Day 2019.”

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