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Appleby man admits drug-driving

[O]n the evening of Wednesday 18th April police officers witnessed a Citroen Saxo car been driven along streets in Appleby and weaving from side to side.

The car was stopped on Scattergate Crescent in Appleby.

The driver, John Moore, 21, of Scattergate Crescent, Appleby pleaded guilty to driving while above the specified drug limit, he was found to have no less than 3.3 micro grams of cannabis in his blood the legal limit is 2mcg.

Moore apologised to the magistrates and explained he had suffered from depression and taking cannabis had helped him, he wouldn’t do it again, he might lose his job because of this.

He was disqualified from driving for one-year, and a fine of £273, court costs of £85 and a victims surcharge of £30.

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