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Healthcare Co-Production: A personal Overview

“Co-production has a very positive and important role to play in the future of our NHS” according to campaigner Rebecca Hanson.

In order to address the enormous challenges it faces, the NHS needs to evolve so that health bosses can draw on the skills and experiences of the communities they serve to overcome make the best possible decisions. This short read describes precisely how this is achieved.

Rebecca draws on the experiences of all those who’ve worked to bring healthcare co-production to life in West Cumbria, where just 18 months ago the community were at war with health chiefs over service changes, in particular the pending loss of maternity services.

Although this book focuses on co-production, this book also describes the other strategies that were needed to address West Cumbria’s crisis with the provision of maternity services.

Rebecca said “A tremendous amount has been achieved. West Cumbria is using world leading co-production strategies. This book captures the essence of what we’ve done so that other can learn from our experiences.”

“There is still a great deal to be done in West Cumbria as the wisdom and experiences of many staff and patients are not yet being captured. This book has been written to help us all understand exactly where we are so that we can identify the issues which still need to be addressed and tackle them head on.”

About the Author

Rebecca Hanson

Rebecca Hanson MA(Cantab.), MEd, FRSA is a West Cumbrian County Councillor. She serves on Cumbria’s Health Scrutiny Committee and participates in the co-production groups.

Rebecca has published reports assessing the risk associated with distance from consultant-led care and obstetric transfers in West Cumbria. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Rebecca has previously served as a Digital Champion, focusing on the role of discussion forums in 21st Century Enlightenment. Rebecca has also taken part in consultation on diverse policy issues. She served on the Liberal Democrats Education Association Committee for three years during the Coalition Government, focusing on issues including public sector regulation policy, and was the Liberal Democrat Candidate in the 2017 Copeland by-election. Rebecca provides continuing professional development for teachers through her business ‘Authentic Maths’.

For more information on the book visit:

The book is available for just £5 on Kindle or iBooks.

Print versions of the book can be obtained from Rebecca for £10 including UK postage. Contact [email protected]

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