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Jacobs’ sponsor Energy Coast UTC Design Engineer Construct programme

L-R: Derek Waugh, Jacobs Director of Operations, Cherry Tingle, Energy Coast UTC Principal, Marie Mills, Jacobs Training Manager and Tom Pritt, Jacobs Sector Engineering Manager

[E]nergy Coast UTC welcomed Jacobs’ Director of Operations Derek Waugh, Sector Engineering Manager Tom Pritt, and Training Manager Marie Mills to launch Jacobs’ sponsorship of the Design Engineer Construct! (DEC!) programme.

The funding provided by Jacobs has enabled Energy Coast UTC to provide specialist learning resources (Class of their Own) and industry standard programmes (Autodesk, Revit). Jacobs’ employees will work alongside Energy Coast UTC teachers to deliver specialist DEC! modules, including sustainable construction projects and software training.

Jacobs Director of Operations Derek Waugh said, “We are proud to sponsor Energy Coast UTC to become the first education provider to deliver the DEC! programme in Cumbria. The programme provides practical learning that will be highly relevant when students transition into the workplace. Energy Coast UTC is ideally positioned to provide a pipeline of talent into engineering, construction and related technical disciplines. We hope that Energy Coast UTC students will consider the wealth of career opportunities in these fields, especially with Jacobs.”

“On behalf of staff, students and parents, I would like to thank Jacobs for their sponsorship of the DEC! programme,” said Vice Principal, Energy Coast UTC Ian Russell. “Our students make a decision to follow their dream of becoming an engineer mid-way during their time at secondary school, which in itself shows a commitment and level of resilience uncommon in their peers. I am proud that we can reward our students’ efforts with specialist support and resources in preparing them for future careers in engineering.”

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