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Trudy Harrison backs WiN Cumbria to help achieve Nuclear Sector Deal pledge

WiN Cumbria Chair, Claire Gallery-Strong with Trudy Harrison MP

[T]rudy Harrison MP has backed Women in Nuclear (WiN) Cumbria branch to help the Government achieve some of the proposals laid out in its Nuclear Sector Deal.

Speaking in the House of Commons Chamber, Trudy Harrison said; “I am absolutely delighted that Government is demonstrating its recognition of our nuclear sector.

“I was particularly pleased to see the reference to 40 per cent more females working in the industry by 2030 and I hope Minister will join me in acknowledging the work that Women in Nuclear does and also the barriers because often these nuclear licence sites are in rural locations where flexible and high quality childcare is simply not available at the moment.

“I hope the Minister would work with me in my own constituency. He talks of the 87,500 workers in the nuclear industry, in Cumbria we have 27,000 of those, we are absolutely the centre of nuclear excellence.”

Claire Gallery-Strong heads up the WiN Cumbria team, she said; “We welcome the Government’s ambitious vision for gender diversity laid out in its Nuclear Sector Deal

“Since WiN UK was established, the number of women in the industry has risen from 17% to 22%, so we are already making good progress.

“With strong Government support we will reach the challenging yet achievable target – to move of from the current 22% female workforce to 40% by 2030.

“WiN UK has had over 60 companies, including many in Cumbria, sign up to our Industry Charter, which sets out commitments and actions in support of addressing gender diversity.

“We hope that many more will work with us to build a diverse workforce will provide the innovation, energy, and ideas the industry needs to fuel the ambitious growth plans laid out in the Nuclear Sector Deal.

Recognising the unique contribution that the county makes to the nuclear sector, ‘Women in Nuclear UK’ launched a dedicated ‘Cumbria’ branch earlier in the year.

Trudy Harrison added: “I am very proud to work with the WiN Cumbria branch which is progressing well with its programme to ensure our region will continue to be at the forefront of improving gender balance in the industry.

Since its launch, the network has become a powerful community of local organisations working together to achieve gender diversity within the Cumbrian workforce.

Claire added: “WiN UK has been working hard to progress this agenda for several years now and our Cumbria team will continue to be at the forefront of improving gender balance in the local industry.

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