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Police to crack down on illegal parking at Fell Foot

[P]OLICE in South Cumbria are issuing a warning to motorists that are parking illegally and dangerously on the A592 at Fell Foot.

Due to the recent warm weather there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors to the Fell Foot National Trust area.

A number of these motorists have parked their vehicles on double white lines which has caused obstruction to passing vehicles.

Inspector Paul Latham said: “We understand that many visitors would like to take advantage of what our area has to offer especially when the sun is shining.

“However we do have serious concerns over the manner of parking witnessed on the A592 where motorists are leaving their vehicles on areas of the road. In doing so they are not only committing a road traffic offence but are causing significant obstruction to other road users.

“Last weekend it was estimated that 150 vehicles were parked on double white lines.

“We will consider all options available to us including the issuing of fixed penalty notices and uplifting of vehicles for those causing the greatest obstruction.  I would also remind drivers that parking next to double white lines incurs 3 points on your licence and £100 fine.”

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