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Cumbria-born author shares a historical story following a slave’s journey to finding a new life

The Boy in a Turban

Ex-Cumbria’s Joseph Hucknall has released his debut historical fiction, ‘The Boy in a Turban’ charting a slave’s journey to a new life in London.

At the height of the 18th century slave trade, a Jamaican slave boy is sold to an English sea captain, who wants a servant for his two loving daughters.

A perilous Atlantic crossing results in fateful entanglements, teased out in this colourful novel, and upon their arrival in London the boy is immersed in a new life. Drama unfolds against a historical background as we follow our hero’s astonishing rise through the fashionable Georgian society and into the court of Prince Frederick, heir to the throne. This is a journey that will stay with you, long after the story is over.

Joseph Hucknall

Joseph Hucknall was born in Cumbria where he had a liberal education and wrote his first book at the age of 15. Conscripted into the army at age 18 after which he studied Business Administration at Manchester University, followed by a successful business career until 1985. Since then, Joseph has travelled extensively and has contributed to prose and poetry collections including Gazebo and A Boxful of Ideas – and published his autobiography,

A Life’s Tales in 2013. For several years he has participated in a creative writing group and has thoroughly researched the 18th century period on which this book is based. Joseph now lives in London.

“Vivid, elegant and engrossing. I was completely caught up in this 18th century tale of London, music, freedom and love.”– Sheena Joughin, Novelist

PRICE: £8.99
ISBN: 9781912362660

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