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Face your fears on World Snake Day

Reptile Keeper Kasper Hansen with Andy the Bredl’s Python

Conservationists at the Lake District Wildlife Park near Keswick are hoping World Snake Day (Monday 16 July 2018) will help people face their phobias about one of the world’s most misunderstood creatures.

Both feared and revered across the globe, snakes are highly symbolic in many religions and cultures. World Snake Day aims to turn the spotlight on snakes’ importance to our fragile eco-systems and give people a glimpse back to a Prehistoric time when the Earth was ruled by reptiles.

Staff at the Lake District Wildlife Park will be using the day to draw special attention to these fascinating creatures, with special displays alongside the usual twice-daily ‘Reptile Encounter’ sessions. These interactive sessions allow visitors to get up close and personal with some of the Park’s resident snakes and hear the keepers’ first-hand experiences of handling snakes on a day-to-day basis.

Visitors can also see Urma, a mighty Burmese python which is one of the five largest snake species in the world. Urma is currently 3.5 metres long but will continue to grow for the rest of her life, potentially reaching over 5 metres in length and weighing more than 100kg.

Reptile Keeper Kasper Hansen, says, “I am fascinated by snakes and World Snake Day is a great way to get visitors asking questions and thinking about these creatures in a new way. Yes, some snakes can be dangerous, but if people can overcome that psychological barrier they also recognise some unique and unusual features which make them such an important part of the natural world on every continent on Earth.”

The Lake District Wildlife Park offers daily Reptile Encounters at 1pm and 4pm.

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