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Greystoke School Celebrates its 180th Birthday

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Talented Greystoke pupils showcase their stained-glass art work which will be on display during the 180th birthday celebrations this weekend.

Pupils at Greystoke Primary School are busy preparing to showcase their year-long project to celebrate the schools 180th birthday.

With help from the National Lottery Heritage Fund the children and staff of the school have spent the last year researching the history of Greystoke and have worked tirelessly alongside author David Napthine to create a heritage trail around the village. The project has been community based with the children visiting local businesses and landmarks to find out their history.

Throughout the year the children have also worked with several local artists to bring their learning to life. Glass-maker Corolla Frank worked together with the children to create a beautiful stained-glass window; depicting scenes of Greystoke’s past.

Dave Corrie; woodcrafter, showed the children how to whittle, saw and bind materials together to make two puppet theatres from which the children could perform and re-tell ‘Tales from Greystoke’. Kate Durdy, has made hand stitched puppets with every KS2 pupil so they can reveal two local Greystoke legends: ‘The White Lady’ and ‘The Devil Rides Again’. Most recently, the children have worked with felting artist Julie Harrison to create the front cover of their book showing three horses from Greystoke local legends.

A free copy of the heritage trail is available from the school this Sunday 15th July (11am-3pm) when a huge birthday celebration has been planned; this includes a free Victorian afternoon tea, traditional Punch and Judy show and side show games, as well as tours of the school to view the children’s heritage work. Admission is free, and everyone is welcome.

Please contact the school for more information or check out our Facebook page.

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