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Man sentenced for “behaving badly” on Lake District street

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] MAN has been sentenced by a judge for behaving badly in a Lake District street.

Richard Amphlett, 44, admitted a public order offence when he appeared at Carlisle Crown Court today (THURS). This was committed in Crescent Road, Windermere, just before noon on April 28.

Amphlett was said by a bystander to have been shouting and screaming at people, and banging on vehicles, during what the prosecutor called a “bizarre incident”.

Judge Peter Hughes QC noted it had occurred after the “exhausted” defendant had “too much to drink, overslept and then been frantic to get a taxi to get back to Birmingham”. The judge concluded that Amphlett, of Oakleigh Road, Stourbridge, had “behaved rather badly”.

A software engineer with an “exemplary” work record, he was fined £500 and ordered to pay £85 costs.

Judge Hughes, who learned of Amphlett’s previous condition for drink-driving, said to him: “You are obviously an intelligent and able man. You do not want to destroy your life through drinking to excess.”

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