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Man jailed after stabbing a man in Wigan

Devann Sutherman

[A] man has been jailed after stabbing a man in Wigan.

Devenn Sutherman,  (15/02/1992) of Nelson Square, Bolton has today Friday 13 July 2018, been jailed for 13 years at Bolton Crown Court after pleading guilty to section 18 assault, section 47 assault and aggravated burglary.

Shortly after 3am on Monday 25 December 2017, Sutherman went to a former girlfriend’s house and forced his way in by kicking down the back door.

Sutherman entered the house, and attacked the woman’s new partner in the kitchen, stabbing him eight times with a knife whilst repeatedly shouting abuse. The victim received four stab wounds to his back, and further stab wounds to his neck, chest and abdomen.

The man managed to wrestle the knife from Sutherman and escape outside. Sutherman chased him down an alleyway, before returning and punching his ex-partner in the face, and stabbing her in the leg. Sutherman then ran off down a nearby alleyway.

The victims flagged down a passing ambulance, and they were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Detective Constable Lynsey Watson-Perry of GMP’s Wigan Borough, said: “Sutherman violently stabbed his former girlfriend and her partner in a fit of jealous rage after forcing his way in to her home in the early hours of Christmas Day.

“Sutherman fled the scene, and actively evaded arrest for a number of weeks to avoid facing the consequences of carrying out this brutal attack.

“Today he will face up to what he has done, and spend the next 13 years in prison considering his actions.”

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