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‘The Tempest’ Theatre Royal, Workington

Photo courtesy of Chris Lewis

[T]ickets are now on sale for an exciting new production of The Tempest, Shakespeare’s final and most magical play, and source of some of his most famous lines – ‘O brave new world’, ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on’, ‘Be not afear’d; the isle is full of noises’, ‘Full fathom five thy father lies’…

The play is packed with memorable characters: Prospero the magician, the much-abused monster Caliban, the lovers Ferdinand and Miranda, the wicked aristocrats Sebastian and Antonio, sad King Alonso, the drunkards Trinculo and Stefano, and not least the ethereal spirit Ariel.

This modern-dress production has specially composed music, beautiful hand-made costumes, video projections for added atmosphere, dancing, fun, horror, treachery, comedy, love, colour and spectacle. It features Playgoers’ veteran Geoffrey Hall as Prospero and gifted young Cockermouth actress Hannah Lewis as Ariel. Hannah is currently studying at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and will soon be taking her own play ‘I’m Not Your Woman’ up to the Edinburgh Fringe. Catch her on the Workington stage while you can!

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