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Carlisle burglar jailed for 32 months

Keiron Lowe

[A] burglar who was caught in possession of five stolen jackets has been jailed for 32 months.

Kieron Lowe, aged 38, of Baird Road, Carlisle, was sentenced for burglary at Carlisle Crown Court on 19th July.

In April earlier this year police were alerted to a burglary that had taken place in the early hours at a property on Simmerson Drive in Carlisle. A short time later officers, having made fast-time enquiries, arrested Lowe who was in possession of five jackets and a mobile phone that belonged to the victim of the burglary.

Detective Constable Sarah Boustead said: “Kieron Lowe was caught red-handed by officers investigating this burglary.

“He claimed that a man had sold him the jackets in the short time between the burglary being committed and police arresting him. This was clearly untrue.

“We are pleased that he has been sent to prison.

“I hope that this sends a clear message to anyone who would consider breaking into a house with the intention to steal. Our officers are quick to react to such incidents and, like in this case, are determined to bring such offenders to justice.”

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