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Penrith Players Back on Tour

All My Sons

[D]uring last autumn and spring Penrith Players went on tour and they are intending to do the same this autumn.

Players on Tour was a big hit with those who saw it. It combined sketches excerpts from plays and music and was well received. The On Tour programme can be adapted to the needs of those hosting it. It can run from three quarters of an hour to two hours depending on what people want.

Mike Head has been running the tour. He said: “We have been very pleased with the response to the tours we have done. It gives us a chance to showcase what we can do to a wider public and hope they come back to see us in the Playhouse. This has indeed already happened.

“If anyone is interested in booking us, they can contact me on 07963 904925 or [email protected]. The evening is likely to be free though there may be a small charge if we have to put in a play that we have to pay a licence for.”

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