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Cumbrian Author Releases Thrilling Debut Title

Duncan Sperry, an author from Brampton, Cumbria is releasing his thrilling debut title.

Philip Dunstan’s internet payments business is under attack, his company is being used as a cover for a global fraud, his right-hand man has been murdered and his executive assistant has been kidnapped. As the security services and the police begin to take an unhealthy interest in Dunstan, it gets even more personal. An expert hit squad is stalking his family and he and his old army buddy–an ex-SAS NCO known only as ‘The Monk’–are attacked and almost killed. Dunstan needs to find out fast who his friends are–and who his enemies are. He and The Monk set off on a trail that spans several continents, playing a cat-and-mouse game with the security services and leading to a confrontation with Dunstan’s past on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In a spine-tingling climax, Dunstan races against time to neutralise the threat against his family and himself and unravel the threads of a plot to destabilise the Indian subcontinent and, subsequently, the world.

Ex-army officer, mountaineer, payment security consultant and Internet entrepreneur, Duncan’s writing draws on his adventures in his personal and professional life, supplemented by extensive research. He has worked and operated in over forty countries, spending much time in the Middle East, The Gulf, South East Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Duncan now lives in the Northern Fells of Cumbria, close to the Lake District, where he can indulge his passion for climbing and continue with his writing.

Fault Line by Duncan Sperry will be published on 31st July 2018 and is available on and

Paperback ISBN 9781788780766 RRP: £11.99

Hardback ISBN 9781788780773 RRP: £15.99

Kindle Ebook ISBN 9781788780780 RRP: £3.50

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