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Police warn Workington revellers after teenager collapses after taking suspected ecstasy pill

[P]olice are urging people who visit Workington town centre for a night out to enjoy their evening in a safe and lawful fashion.

The warning follows an incident at the weekend where a man aged 19 collapsed and required hospital treatment after taking a single tablet – believed to be ecstasy.

Sergeant Mitchell Franks said: “Anyone who buys and uses such tablets or other drugs is taking their life in their hands. There is no way of knowing what these drugs can contain or the impact they will have on the individual.”

Officers in Workington are working to ensure the town centre and surrounding residential areas are safe environments for all.

Sergeant Franks said: “Our message to anyone planning to come to the town with the intention of using or supplying drugs or causing disorder is a simple one; you can expect to be caught and dealt with in a stringent and robust fashion.

“Such unlawful activity will not be tolerated in the town.”

To support businesses and residents, officers have been conducting both high-visibility uniform and plain clothes patrols and will continue to do so across the summer.

Since the beginning of summer this has resulted in a number of people being dealt with for drugs offences and public disorder and officers will continue to deal robustly with any unlawful or disorderly behaviour.

Police will also continue to work with the licensing trade to highlight problems and concerns so that officers and premises can work together to ensure Workington is a safe place for all.

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