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Workington man attacked ex-partner having made her life “hell”, court told

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] MAN who attacked his ex-partner in her own home despite being banned by a court from contacting her has been jailed.

Peter Carl Gibbon, 31, lay in wait for Vikki Murray in the early hours of April 14 after sending her abusive messages while she was on a night out in Workington. Miss Murray returned home to find Gibbon sitting on her bed in darkness having let himself in with a key.

After she “ran at him”, Carlisle Crown Court heard he responded excessively by grabbing her face, throwing her into a wall and holding her shoulders while yelling. She was left bruised.

A day later, Gibbon, of Newlands Lane South, Workington, sent apologetic messages and urged her not to continue a police complaint. She later told an officer he was “making my life hell”.

Gibbon had been barred, in late 2016, which prohibited him from contacting Miss Murray for two years. He was also subject to a suspended jail term at the time of his latest offending. In court today (WED), he admitted an actual bodily harm assault and two restraining order breaches.

He was jailed for a total of 50 weeks by Judge Barbara Forrester, and banned from contacting Miss Murray for five years. The judge concluded: “You deliberately broke the order and ignored it.”

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