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New Cumbrian play ‘Cat-In A-Box’ to be staged in Workington

Flora & Wilfred struggle for Possession of Kate’s Underwear (Morgan Sweeney)

[C]umbrian playwright Morgan Sweeney won the National Little Theatre Guild Playwriting Competition in 1999 with his chilling drama ‘Bodybag’. Now he plans to take his new play, ‘Cat-In A-Box’, up to the Edinburgh Fringe but Workington audiences will get a chance to see it first, at the Theatre Royal, where it will be staged from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th August.

‘Cat-In A-Box’ takes the philosophical puzzle of Schrödinger’s cat as its starting point. No-one has ever had the courage, or folly, to put themselves in a Schrödinger Box. So no-one really knows whether it’s true: that his famous cat is both dead and alive at the same time; or what it would feel like to be there, hovering in a limbo between the two.

Flora Strangling Kate (Morgan Sweeney)

Kate and Henry have taken a holiday let on a small island in the Firth of Lorn. He is a poet, about to complete the second volume of his published works. Meanwhile, Kate has decided to leave him and intends to use the opportunity of a week away to break the bad news.

But something is wrong with the wiring in the house. Whenever they use the waste disposal unit, in the kitchen sink, the whole day resets to breakfast and begins again – with renewed hope of a better future. But what does ‘a better future’ really mean, for each of them?

Welcome to Kate and Henry’s World, where they cannot both be happy at the same time. Or can they find a way – in a box where a cat can be, simultaneously, alive and dead?

As this is a one-hour, one-act play, tickets are priced at only £7. Book yours now on

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