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Intoxicated intruder who burgled Workington house is jailed

Carl Weston

[A]N intoxicated intruder who broke into a Workington house while the lone female occupant was asleep upstairs has been jailed.

Carl Weston, 34, woke the householder as he made a noisy and untidy downstairs search of her home at around 4-30am on May 19. Having snatched wine from a fridge, he made off with two necklaces and a laptop.

However, he left a jacket at the scene which contained a mobile phone on which there was reference to a male called “Carl”. His fingerprint was found on a wine bottle at his crime scene, he was seen in the area and when located by police, Carlisle Crown Court heard, Weston was “intoxicated”, “agitated” and “sweating”.

He later pleaded guilty to a burglary which led the victim – who had come downstairs to find her property in disarray – to later tell police: “I don’t feel safe in my home.”

Weston, of Castle Road, Workington, was jailed for 30 months today by Judge James Adkin, who heard there were 64 offences on the defendant’s criminal record.

Judge Adkin said of the victim: “She must have been petrified.”

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