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Threlkeld Summer Dance & Concert with ‘Take it from the Top’

Take it from the Top

[T]ake it from the Top play a cross-section of music genres from 1930s-40s Glen Miller to current Jools Holland arrangements mixed with popular classics such as Bill Haley’s Rock Around The Clock, Shake Rattle And Roll, The Beatles Can’t buy Me Love, Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and The Monkees’ Daydream Believer. It’s a great band to dance to, but also just to sit and enjoy the music. For the dancers, there’s opportunity for swing dance, jive, Latin American, ballroom or simply disco dancing!

Most of the members of ‘Take It From The Top’ have played in a concert orientated big band, hence the ease with which they can play a Miller section but, deciding that a dance band would be so much more fun, formed their own nine piece band in the autumn of 2015. Their original aim was to play for Alison’s (clarinet) wedding the following August. Their very first engagement was for a Valentine’s dance and since then they have gone from strength to strength successfully playing many local functions both indoor and outdoor and yes, played for Alison’s wedding! Quickly bonding as a group of friends, the band’s unusual make up of brass and woodwind plus a backline that includes a drummer/vocalist, bassist, and pianist, gives a fresh perspective to their music, much of which is arranged by Jane (piano/keyboards). The members’ professions range from music teacher to engineer and accountant to masseuse, and all have been playing their instruments for many years.

Made up of two alto saxophones played by Sarah Knight and Mike Tunnicliff, two Tenor saxophones played by Justine Chamberline and Marie Gaskin, who also plays flute, Alison Capewell clarinet and alto sax, with Paul Gaskin on trumpet. Bringing up the backline, on bass Andy Goadby, drums and vocals. Dave Hind, piano and music arranger Jane Stocker.

Take it from the Top are playing at a Summer Dance & Concert at Threlkeld Village Hall on Saturday, 18th August at 8pm. Bar and Box Office from 7:15pm. Tickets £8 (£4 under 18s) from Village Hall Coffee Shop, PO or on-line at Box Office Enquiries 07733 790308.

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