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Cumbria Army Cadets arrive home from Otterburn Army Training Camp

Over 150 Army Cadets from Cumbria Army Cadet Force and 44 adult volunteers have arrived home after occupying Otterburn Training Camp in Northumberland for their annual summer camp. Joining them for the second consecutive year were cadets from the Cumbria and Lancashire Wing of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and 11 regular and reserve solders from The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment supported the training.

The cadets took part in a wide range of lessons and activities, including shooting, skill-at-arms, first aid and drill, along with archery and a sports day. In the evenings, they can relax and spend time with their friends and take part in recreational activities.

During camp, the cadets enjoyed a visit from Major Sandy Hennis who was part of a team known as ‘The Ice Maidens’, a six-strong team of serving Regular Army and Army Reserve personnel who became the first all-female group to cross Antarctica on muscle power alone. The cadets also had a presentation from Lt Col Peter Cross on the value of apprenticeships, with a later visit from the Army Recruiting Team.

One of the many other activities that the cadets took part in included the chance to perform a section attack, sleep out overnight and fine-tune their field craft skills. All of these events provided a unique experience that will be hard to beat when asked “What did you do this summer?” by their classmates and friends on their return to school.

Colonel Anthony Steven, Commandant of Cumbria Army Cadet Force said: “I am pleased that so many young people from Cumbria have engaged in our exciting programme of outdoor self-development and leadership activities. They have also been out in the field, firing on the ranges and learning first aid and navigation as part of a packed camp programme.”

The camp concluded with a service by the County Padres and final parade. At that parade, Colonel Steven nominated Cadet Wilde of Penrith Detachment as the Commandant’ Cadet. Artificer Sergeant Major Callum Lockhart then presented Cadet Wilde with the Major Tom Lockhart Trophy, named in memory of his father.

You can follow some of the highlights, see videos and photographs of the Summer Camp on the Cumbria Army Cadet Facebook page at @cumbriaarmycadetforce.

To find out more about Cumbria Army Cadet Force, go to, where you can find your nearest detachment and discover what life in the Army Cadets has to offer for cadet and adult volunteers alike.

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