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Dogs Trust Community event comes to Pategill in Penrith

[T]he Dogs Trust are holding a community events on the Pategill recreation field in Penrith from 11am-3pm on Monday 20 August 2018.

At the event dog owners can pick up loads of free advice and have their dog:

  • Microchipped for FREE
  • Microchip check for FREE to make sure contact details for the owner are current, in case your dog gets lost or stolen
  • Free health and training advice
  • Free basic health check, including nail clipping

The event is being organised in partnership with Eden District Council’s Community Wardens. Senior Community Warden, Becky Duckworth, said: “We are really looking forward to this event with the Dog’s Trust. We’ve decided to host it in the Pategill community during the school summer holidays so that as many people as possible can attend. I’d like to encourage all dog owners to pop along and say ‘hello’ to the Dog’s Trust.”

The Dogs Trust’s free microchipping offer is open to dog owners over the age of 18, regardless of benefit status. All breeds of dog are welcome to community events; however Dogs Trust will not chip active hunting hounds or litters of puppies. We ask that puppies under six months old are fully vaccinated and proof of vaccinations are brought to the event. The free basic health check only covers a dog’s ears, teeth, coat condition and general fitness.

For more information about Dog’s Trust events visit

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