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Carlisle “zombie” knife man jailed for a year

The “zombie” knife possessed in Carlisle by Jamie Grimes

[A] MAN who waved a “zombie” knife around his head after turning violent in Carlisle has been jailed.

Jamie Grimes, 28, was seen by shocked passers-by as he brandished the distinctive blade during an evening incident on July 12 in the city’s London Road.

Grimes was heard shouting at two females “what are you going to do?”, and held the knife “above his head in a threatening manner” while visiting Carlisle.

Police were called to the scene, arrested Grimes and recovered the knife.

Carlisle Crown Court heard it was 35-40cm long, had a distinctive and ornate handle, with a serrated rear edge to the blade.

Grimes, of Queens Road, Everton, Liverpool, admitted affray and possession of an offensive weapon. He was jailed for 12 months at the court earlier today (MON).

“In my judgement a zombie knife is a highly dangerous weapon,” said Judge James Adkin, “because of its size and the nature of the blade.”

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