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Cumbrian Motor Factor Part of New Guinness World Record

[L]ast month, Guinness World Records confirmed that a 640 strong convoy of Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles has set a new World record.

Carlisle-based motor factor, K&S McKenzie, were proud to be part of this new World Record attempt which took place this year’s Billing Off-Road Show in Northamptonshire.

The record benchmark was set by a 632-vehicle convoy which took place in the Bavaria region of Germany earlier this year. The UK attempt was organised in order to bring the record home as part of celebrating Land Rover’s 70th anniversary.

The K&S McKenzie Land Rover was driven by Brandon McKenzie, grandson of the business’s founder, who has worked at K&S McKenzie since leaving school. Brandon said; “We all had such a fantastic day, and I am not only proud that I was part of achieving a new Guinness World Record, but also that that I was representing K&S McKenzie and Cumbria at the event”.

A wide variety of Land Rover and Range Rover models took part in the convoy which was made up of a mix of Land Rover and Range Rover enthusiasts and volunteers who had travelled from all over the country to take part.

In order to qualify to take part in the event, all participating vehicles had to display a Land Rover badge. They were also required to stay within two cars lengths away from the vehicle in front, if any one of the 640 vehicles had gone over this distance then the attempt would have been invalid – no mean feat!

Stuart McKenzie, Director of K&S McKenzie said; “As a Land Rover enthusiast myself, and owner of four of their vehicles, it was a very proud moment for me to see the K&S McKenzie team cross the finish line as part of such a fantastic convoy. We specialise in products for Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles and it was wonderful to achieve this World Record in partnership with clients, suppliers, colleagues, and friends alike”.

Find out more about K&S McKenzie on their website at, or call 01228 528218.

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