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Drunken burglar who trashed Lake District home in “alcoholic rage” is jailed

Darren Spicer

[A]N alcoholic burglar who broke into two neighbouring Lake District properties 10 months apart has been jailed.

Darren Richard Spicer smashed his way into a family’s second home in the Elleray area of Windermere last August. During several days of drinking and trespass, Spicer “went berserk” and “trashed” the property in what a judge at Carlisle Crown Court concluded was an “alcoholic rage”; he hurled bottles against walls as he caused almost £75,000 damage to the interior.

Although caught for that crime by brave builders who detained him at the scene, Spicer later failed to attend court after being bailed. And during a spell on the run in late June he broke into another Elleray house. The 44-year-old snatched thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and possessions before being found sleeping rough nearby by his latest victim, who also courageously detained him and recovered some property.

Homeless Spicer admitted two burglaries and a going equipped charge having been found in possession of a glass hammer.

He was jailed for 35 months today (WED), when Judge James Adkin held a moving impact statement from the first victim. “Our family cannot understand why somebody would do such a thing to another person’s home,” he said.

Judge Adkin banned Spicer from entering the Elleray area in future, “so that the residents can have a break from your alcohol-related offending”.

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