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Young Graduates Grow Business Success in Carlisle

TOMCo. Filming for the University of Cumbria on Tour

[T]hrown Overboard Media Co. Ltd was established in 2015 by a young team of creatives who just wanted to share their own work with the world.

Founding Directors, Alexander Fowkes and Samuel Burton, met during their first year in student accommodation at the University of Cumbria. Over the course of three years, these individuals juggled business and education at the same time to become the success that they are now.

Jump forwards to today, and those same people have graduated and grown a limited company from scratch to continue to create great content for various clients, such as the World Health Innovation Summit, National Trust and Tuk Tuk UK.

Branching into new fields, their media services now include filmmaking, photography, writing, graphic design, and web design – all with a refreshing approach and style.

The company stands out from the crowd, boasting new knowledge of the media industry and equipment, whilst excelling with young talent as they continue to grow by taking on other ambitious students from the University of Cumbria.

Alex shares his success, “We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the University of Cumbria. They have helped us learn, grow, and flourish – both personally and professionally.”

The team now produces content for the university itself. Halfway through a marathon tour, they are currently travelling across the country with the University of Cumbria and their big bright bus to encourage more people to join the university through Clearing this year.

The company, also known as TOMCo., is striving to inspire the next generation to become the best that they can be. Sam explains, “Hard work pays off… You can make anything happen if you set your mind to it.”

These creatives pride themselves on their determination and perseverance, as they constantly exceed their own expectations – working alongside motivated, likeminded individuals, whilst overcoming any challenges or obstacles that may stand in their way.

With a stack of reputable achievements and a list of renowned clients already, it looks as though these bright entrepreneurs have no plans of stopping their creative successes.

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