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More Respite for Unpaid Carers with New Evening Activity Sessions

Director and Care Manager Mariusz Waluk and Amanda Nelson discussing plans for evening sessions at the new Gaudium Centre

[U]npaid carers have demanding schedules, and care services in the area to provide them with respite can be limited and only run through the day. Quite often, this means that carers end up using these services to be able to go out to work, knowing that their loved one is in safe hands while they are out the house. But of course, this means that when they get home they are back to being as responsible as ever and never do get their ‘respite’ time.

Mariusz Waluk, Director of Gaudium Ltd. has thought about this problem for some time and has now expanded his care company to tackle the issue.
“We have run a successful Day Centre for older adults for six years now, and this August have acquired new premises for our Centre. It is a wonderful site with many advantages in place, such as an outdoor area for clients to grow and create their own garden space, a kitchen on the same floor to enable clients to have baking sessions as well as new features such as air conditioning and improved safety with coded doors, alarm systems and CCTV. These all help with our Safeguarding and mean that families can be assured of their relative’s safety when they are with us.” Mr Waluk told us. “Our previous Centre has served us well, but is getting a little tired and the new Centre opens up so many more opportunities to improve our services for older adults in the area.”

The best thing about this new centre however, is the increased opportunity of opening for evening sessions as well as throughout the day time.
“Our Day Centre has always run 09:00 – 15:00, and allows unpaid carers some respite time, ostensibly to relax or run errands which they can do more easily when they know that their loved one is in a safe and fun place. However, over the years talking to our clients and their families, we have found that more and more people are using this time to go to work and then care for their relative throughout the evening. This means they never really get to have the break they need, and as we all know you need to look after yourself to have the energy to look after someone else.”

This is where the new services come in, with Gaudium setting up additional sessions through the evenings from 16:00 – 21:00. “Our Day Services have tended towards older vulnerable adults with specific conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, M.S. or recovering from Stroke, although we have a wide variety of clients. Our evening sessions however will be even more open to anyone wishing to join in, with the idea of having some themed evenings with a much more ‘activity club’ feel. There will still be our lovely trained Care staff to help with meals, medications and any other needs people may have, and mean that unpaid carers at home can have some time to rest and restore themselves through the evenings.” Continued Mariusz. “We have had high demand for this for some time now, and with our current recruitment drive we are so pleased that we are finally in a position to be able to begin these exciting new sessions. We want to encourage anyone who it might benefit to get in touch for more information.”

Anyone wishing to find out more about the new respite services in the Penrith area is encouraged to call 01768 890 353 or email [email protected].

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