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Police taking steps to reduce speeding in Keswick

Chestnut Hill

[F]ollowing concerns raised about speeding issues in the Chestnut Hill area of Keswick and in consultation with the Casualty Reduction and Safer Highways Group (CRASH), Cumbria Police officers are taking steps to resolve the problem.

The Constabulary has been working with the Highways Agency and a number of improvements including to street lighting and road markings.

Police mobile speed cameras have also been utilised in this area. In June, the mobile cameras were twice used here and 70 Notices of Intended Prosecution for speeding offences were issued as a result.

The mobile speed cameras are to be used more in this area in the future and there will likely be further road safety improvements made to the road in the near future.

Inspector Rachel Gale said: “Chestnut Hill was flagged up as an area where drivers were flouting the speed limit and causing concerns for residents. These concerns were investigated and have resulted in not only action being taken against drivers ignoring the 30mph limit on the road but also improvements being made.

“Speed limits are set for the safety of all and I would urge any motorists who use this stretch to heed this warning and ensure their speed remains within the law.”

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