Cumbria Crack

Repairs to Eden foot paths and bridges completed

Holme Woods before and after

[C]umbria County Council’s Countryside Access team has recently completed a number of projects in Eden, funded by the Rural Payments Agency Cumbria Countryside Access Fund. The fund is in place to address storm damage to public rights of way, and to repair important assets that enhance the health and wellbeing and accessibility of local communities.

A popular path along the River Eden through Holme Woods near Appleby was damaged by a landslip and subsequent erosion during Storm Desmond in December 2015. The path has now been repaired at a cost of approximately £22,000 with work carried out by RH Irving Construction Ltd on behalf of the council.

A combination of stone gabion baskets and timber revetment have been used to rebuild and reinforce the river bank, allowing the footpath to be restored above. The damaged fencing on this section has also been replaced and a flat stone surface completed on the restored footpath.

Footbridge abutments and wing walls have also been repaired on a footbridge in Lowther at a cost of approximately £2,000, helping to prevent future damage to the bridge.

Lazonby completed bridge

A replacement footbridge has been installed near Lazonby, on a popular stroll beside the River Eden close to the nearby campsite. Work was carried out by Brampton Woodworks on behalf of the council at a cost of approximately £4,500.

The countryside access team has also completed a number of smaller projects protecting riverside footpaths at Gelt Woods near Brampton at a cost of £1,840, and a replacement footbridge at Podgill near Hartley in Kirkby Stephen at a cost of approximately £4,500.

Completed Podgill Bridge, Hartley

Cllr David Whipp, Chair of Eden Local Committee, said: “I am delighted that these works have been completed – footpaths and footbridges are a vital part of our local infrastructure, helping both locals and visitors to enjoy our beautiful landscapes and scenery in Eden. I’m grateful to the local contractors that have carried out this work on behalf of the council, and look forward to enjoying walking along the repaired routes before the weather inevitably turns wet again!”

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