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Carlisle man admits assaulting female police officer

PC Diane Irving

[A] court has heard how a police officer was assaulted while going to the aid of a female who had collapsed on Botchergate on December 27 of last year.

Kieron Murray of Esk Road, Carlisle, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Magistrates in Carlisle were told how the officer, Diane Irving [a dog handler] was on duty that night as she helped a female, she witnessed two-men fighting in a lane just-off Botchergate.

A member of the public assisted the female on the ground, while the officer went towards the fight and found Murray on the ground.

He jumped up in an aggressive manner took his jacket off and in a ‘split second he punched the uniformed female officer twice to the face’.

The court was told he threw the punches “like a boxer.”

The officer was taken to the accident and emergency department for treatment, magistrates heard the officer suffered excruciating pain and a black eye, pictures of the injuries were shown to the court, the court heard that in years to come she may suffer from cataracts and have a permanent scar on her face.

Murray was told by the presiding magistrate this was a nasty assault and is totally unacceptable, this was an officer doing her public duty and her injuries have long term implications, these types of assaults will not be tolerated.

Murray will be sentenced by a judge at Carlisle Crown Court on September 7, he was granted bail until then.

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