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Grab your bus pass for a whistle stop tour of Carpet Town

[D]eep in the North South of a country lies Carpet Town. A small town, population unknown, but what we can tell you is that the inhabitants of this bizarre community are simply quite bonkers. But it’s no surprise really when the sun here rises in the east and sets… in the east. The people here aren’t getting much sleep, and someone is using that to their advantage…

In this seriously strange sketch comedy you’ll meet a variety of absurd characters all on the hunt to find out what’s going down-under Carpet Town. Mundane life is changing, people are mysteriously dying, and a legal drug is being consumed on every corner of this carpet…town.

Written and devised by the company, Carpet Town has had great success at both the Plymouth and Ventnor Fringes already this year and at last year’s festival their physical comedy Wombmates was awarded the best show of the Plymouth Fringe. This is their third show as a company having graduated from East 15 Acting school in 2016. They received a great response at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and their first production The Going Away Days had a sold out run at the New Diorama Theatre, London.

**** “Fast-paced and extremely funny (…) Perfect festival fodder – Sian Rowland, London Pub Theatres (For Wombmates)

Names and faces to watch for. -Paul Couch, Reviews Hub (For The Going Away Days)

**** “An inventive format for a comedy show (…) Bordering on comic genius – Peter Brown, ActDrop (For Wombmates)

Full Pelt Theatre come to the Carlisle Fringe on Saturday 1st September for their final performance of a summer tour which has taken them from Plymouth to Ventnor and finally Carlisle.

Performance Details 

Venue: Container Theatre, Festival Village

Time: 12pm (Noon) (55 mins)

Dates: Saturday 1st September

Tickets: £8.50

Box Office: 01228 812611

Book online:

Suitable for ages 14+

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