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Garry’s Hot Nuts raise over £500 for Keswick School

Garry Price

Well known in Cumbria for offering gut-busting food challenges, Lakes District Hotels Ltd., have played host to a number of challenges over the years across their chain of hotels. From the ‘Hottest Pizza Challenge’ which takes place every Wednesday at LB’s Pizza House in Keswick, featuring the hottest chili in the world – the Carolina Reaper; to the ‘Man vs Food 72oz Steak Challenge’ at the four-star Inn on the Square, which to this day remains undefeated.

Back in 2016, the Kings Arms Hotel introduced Keswick’s biggest burger which defeated 24 people, with even the hungriest of all failing to clear their plate. The challenge featured a mouth-watering 1lb of beef, coleslaw, skinny fries, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, Mexicana cheese, Cheddar cheese and the Kings Arms secret homemade sauce, all in a homemade 7” brioche bun.

This year, the Kings Arms Hotel are offering the general public the chance to try General Manager, Garry Price’s hot nuts for just a £1 a pop, with all proceeds going to the hotel groups charity of the year – Keswick School. Garry got the idea after seeing Carolina Reaper Chilli Peanuts, knowing how popular LB’s Hottest Pizza has been over the years, he was keen to try out the nuts and has now raised just over £500.

Garry commented: “We give each and every peanut a generous coating of powder from the world’s hottest chilli pepper. The beauty of these eating challenges is that anyone can give them a go, but the majority can’t handle the heat.”

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