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Freegle free fest comes to Newbiggin

Freegle Give & Take Penrith 2018
A Freegler finds useful free items at a Give and Take event, with the next one planned for 1 September at Newbiggin Village Hall.

[I]t’s a double first for Freegle’s next Give and Take event, taking pride of place as the opening event in this year’s Cumbria Green Build Festival, and visiting a new venue.

Funded by Cumbria County Council, the ever-popular giveaway event comes to Newbiggin Village Hall near Stainton on Saturday 1 September, giving households an easy way to find loving homes for things they no longer need, while picking up some items they might find useful.

“The festival is our region’s biggest celebration of living in a sustainable way, and reuse and upcycling are at the heart of that ethos,” said Chris Cant, from the Penrith and Eden Freegle Group. “The Freegle website and our Give and Take events throughout the year help people do just that, so it’s fantastic for us to be kicking off this year’s Green Build.”

As well as giving people a way to reuse items and keep them out of landfill, the events could even help those looking to green up their homes with energy-saving DIY improvements.

“We often see tools changing hands, small items of furniture that are either ready to use or perfect for an upcycling project, and soft furnishings like curtains and draught excluders that could help keep in the heat as we head towards autumn,” Chris said. “There’s usually a good selection of gardening items, too, which would be useful to anyone growing their own fruit and vegetables or who might be keen to give it a try next spring.”

Bookworms, film buffs and music lovers can also generally find items of interest at Give and Takes, along with clothes and toys. Only items that fit easily in a small car can be brought along, as leftovers are taken to local charity shops or given away via the Freegle website.

“This is our first time at Newbiggin Village Hall and, with loads of free off-road parking, it will be easy for people to bring goods in and out,” Chris added. “It’s only a few minutes from the household waste recycling site at Flusco, so just a short detour with any items that are reusable.”

The Give and Take runs from 10am to 12pm. There’s more information about it, and all the Green Build Festival events via

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