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Lecture reveals lives of two extraordinary women

Jane & Dorothy

[A]cclaimed author, Marian Veevers, tells the story of literary greats Jane Austen and Dorothy Wordsworth in an enlightening evening lecture Jane & Dorothy: a True Tale of Sense and Sensibility on Thu 13 September at Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake. It is closely followed by The Ocean Film Festival, making a splash in the Main House on Sun 16 September and bringing an evening of brand new inspirational ocean-themed films to wow audiences.

Speaker and novelist Marian Veevers delves into the characters and motivations of two supremely gifted writers, Jane Austen and Dorothy Wordsworth, during her talk about her latest book Jane & Dorothy: a True Tale of Sense and Sensibility. Deftly weaving their contrasting lives, she shows that whilst the two women never met, they had much in common.

Both born in the 1770s in Georgian England, they were influenced by Romantic ideals, yet suffered the frustrations of talented women of their age who had no independent income. Veevers, with great attention to detail, shows how they still managed to find meaningful lives “outside the prescribed destiny” of a suitable marriage.

Also debunking many enduring myths about the pair, she will go on to describe what set them apart – with one who lived a rather unconventional life in the wilds of the Lake District to the other who associated with the gentry of Hampshire. Tickets for the talk at 6.00pm in the Studio are £3 and includes tea or coffee.

Ocean Film Festival

The Ocean Film Festival 2018’s UK Tour, now in its fifth year, is the biggest yet, showing at more than 35 locations over the UK and Ireland. It features seafaring adventurers rowing treacherous oceans, intrepid surfers riding the world’s biggest waves and explorers delving into our planet’s spectacular hidden depths.

Tour Director Nell Teasdale said “I’m really excited that more people than ever before will be able to celebrate their love of the ocean with our largest tour to date. Through stunning cinematography and mesmerising storytelling, audiences can expect to be wowed by the magic and mysteries of the world’s oceans… coming at you through the big screen”

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour began in Australia in 2013, with the aim of inspiring people to explore, respect, enjoy and protect the oceans. Highlights this year include the film Kiwi Breeze starring Steve who is building a 44ft yacht in his back garden and after nine years of toil, he’s finally ready to set sail; the film Touched by the Ocean which follows Latvian friends with no rowing experience but a grand plan: to become the first team ever to row across the South Atlantic, and The Big Wave Project about a tight-knit crew of surfers, determined to ride the world’s biggest wave.

As well as thrilling films, each screening will see a free prize giveaway to win ocean-related goodies too.  It is showing in the Main House from 7.00pm rated 12A and tickets are £15, U16s £13 and groups of 6+ £13.

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