Cumbria Crack

Family rescued after becoming stuck in mud

Casualties being transported to shore after being freed from the mud

At 11am today, Saturday 1 September 2018, HM Coastguard requested Morecambe’s volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew to go to the aid of a family, two adults and two young children, who had become stuck in the mud approximately 400 metres from the shore near Ocean Edge Caravan Park.

As the inshore rescue hovercraft was non-operational and the tide was coming in, the inshore lifeboat was launched; quickly speeding to the scene, where it remained on standby in case needed.

Meanwhile, other members of the crew proceeded to the area by road; where they assisted local Coastguard teams in freeing the casualties and transporting them safely to shore and a waiting ambulance team.

Whilst returning to the lifeboat station, the inshore lifeboat crew were also tasked to intercept a couple observed walking their dog some distance from the shore; and advise them of their potential danger.

Volunteer Deputy Launching Authority, Harry Roberts MBE, said: “We don’t want to put people off from enjoying our Bay but ask that they respect the water by checking the times of the tides and keeping to the designated beaches. If it looks muddy then it probably is; making it dangerous to walk on and so should be avoided. Similarly, we would advise people to remain close to the shore. The tide comes in very quickly. Not only is it easy to get cut off; if you get stuck, the further out you are, the harder it is to rescue you.”

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