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Bakery business on the rise

Lingholm baker Joe Mackenzie

With weekly portions of The Great British Bake Off back on our screens, one Lake District business is expanding its artisan bakery to meet the growing customer demand for home-cooked bread, cakes and bakes.

Lingholm Bakery launched just over 18 months ago and was originally located in a former potting shed on the Lingholm estate near Keswick to provide fresh produce for the on-site cafe.  Now, it has just employed its fourth specialist baker and is expanding its produce range to provide breads and celebration cakes to order in a newly created 60 sq m2  building close to the shore of Derwentwater.

The continued expansion follows a surge in requests for everything from Lingholm’s signature Sourdough loaf to more elaborate themed cakes.

Lingholm Bakery brings skills from top establishments around the globe, including far-flung locations such as New Zealand, Columbia and Italy.

Baker Joe Mackenzie says, “Of course, we can’t make a direct link between the popularity of a TV show like The Great British Bake Off and our own growth in sales.  But the programme is a real taking point and has definitely brought a collective love of authentic baking with good, honest ingredients to the forefront of people’s minds.

He adds, “Nothing beats home-made and I think there is a genuine trend towards artisan treats produced by small independent businesses, rather than mass-produced goods which don’t have that local provenance. Of course, I love baking so I also believe passion and personality is a big part of the move away from a more fast food culture!”

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