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Town centre gates will help tackle antisocial behaviour in Workington

The new gates on Murray Road

The continuing work to reduce incidents of antisocial behaviour in Workington town centre has been boosted with local businesses benefitting from greater protection.

New gates have been installed at either end of the back lane that runs from Murray Road, next to Subway, to Upton Street, next to Argos and will prevent youths from gathering at the rear of business premises.

In the past, shopkeepers have reported serious issues with youths gathering and committing offences.

Businesses in the area supported the efforts to build the gates, resulting in an application from Cumbria Constabulary to Allerdale Borough Council for a Public Space Protection Order to allow their installation.

Sergeant Lorraine Murphy said: “We have put in a great deal of work in recent months to tackle antisocial behaviour in the town centre and this is just the latest step.

“I’d like to thank the many partners who have contributed to get the gates installed including those who spent many hours designing the structure of the gates.

“I’m sure the gates will be welcomed most by the businesses in the area who have been patient throughout the process and have worked with us to tackle antisocial behaviour in the town.”

Inspector Rachel Gale said: “Sergeant Murphy has worked tirelessly to get these gates installed. As a police officer with tight links to the Workington community, she took the concerns of shopkeepers and looked for a real and practical solution.

“This has been a long project with set-backs along the way but Sergeant Murphy has tenaciously fought to make it a success, including gathering statements from shopkeepers in support of the gates and the positive impact they will bring.”

The Constabulary has worked closely with partners at Allerdale Borough Council on the project.

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “This is a great example of what can be achieved in our local communities to tackle the scourge of anti-social behaviour. I would like to thank Sergeant Murphy,  and our partners and local businesses who have worked with her, for seeing this through to a positive conclusion.

“The issue of anti-social behaviour, and the negative impact it has on people’s lives and businesses is often cited as one of the biggest areas of concern by the people I meet, and of those that contact me, so any solutions to help alleviate this are most welcome.”

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