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Men found not guilty of “conspiracy to commit fraud” allegation

Carlisle Crown Court

TWO men have been acquitted of allegedly conspiring to commit fraud after a vehicle was driven away and torched.

A jury at Carlisle Crown Court was told how a BMW belonging to an Eden Valley married couple was driven from a Penrith pub car park and completely burned out in a remote location south of Carlisle.

Husband and wife James and Lucy Dixon have admitted a charge of conspiracy to commit fraud.

But two other men – James Dixon’s brother, David Dixon, of Newbiggin, Stainton, near Penrith; and a Carlisle man, Kenneth Loughran, of Arnside Road – denied that same charge.

During a trial, the men went into the witness box and insisted they had nothing to do with the insurance scam involving the couple.

And this afternoon (TUES), David Dixon and Loughran, both aged 46, were each found not guilty, unanimously, of the allegation by jurors who heard all evidence in the case.

“Both defendants can be discharged from the dock,” Judge James Adkin said in response. “That’s it, gentlemen, you can go.”

James and Lucy Dixon, aged 43 and 39, both of Skirwith, near Penrith, now fall to be sentenced for their criminal conduct. This is due to take place on Friday this week.

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