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New farm fairy trail helping youngsters notice nature and join a national nature count

New farm fairy trail is helping youngsters notice nature at Low Sizergh Farm

[A] NEW fairy door flower trail at Low Sizergh Farm will help youngsters track the effects of weather and climate change on nature for the Woodland Trust and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).

At the 341 acres National Trust farm near Kendal children can now enjoy a new addition to the farm trail, a dell of 12 tiny fairy doors. Each 30cm wooden door has a different plant or flower which can be found on the farm and which is listed on the Woodland Trust’s online Nature’s Calendar survey. The observation data will help the charity track how the seasons are developing across the country. The species include those that have been recorded extensively in the past and respond to changes in seasonal temperatures as well as being common across the UK, widely-recognised and well-loved.

At a National Trust farm near Kendal children can now enjoy a new addition to the farm trail, a dell of 12 tiny fairy doors.

Behind the doors lies a more series message explains Alison Park from Low Sizergh. She said: “On the farm we champion a way of farming that is sustainable and good for nature. It’s so important that our young people notice what’s happening to the wildlife around them. Fairy doors are a brilliant way for adults and children to get close to plants and flowers and to think about the magic that lies at their feet.

“The Wildlife Trust are particularly keen to get people out and recording in autumn as they have less data for this period compared to spring.

“At this time of the year we would expect visitors on the farm to see three of the 12 indicator species. The ivy, in flower, berries starting to appear on holly and, if they are lucky, a few blackberries left on the brambles as most have been picked. There’s a sheet to record each find and we are also encouraging our nature spotters to report their discoveries online at the Woodland Trust’s Nature Calendar website page.

“Our family is totally committed to farming with nature and we are well on our way to being certified as organic next Spring. This means we use nature friendly farming methods” added Alison.

“We also have a Countryside Stewardship Agreement with Natural England that helps us to encourage and look after the landscape and wonderful wildlife found in our ancient hedgerows, woodlands and waterways.

“This latest addition to our farm trail will help people notice changes under way in the natural world. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy seasonal sights and a brilliant excuse to end with a warming brew, hot chocolate or milkshake”.

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