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BBC Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time records double crop of questions at Carlisle arts campus

Garderner’s Question Time chair Eric Robsom (standing) with L-R Pippa Greenwood, Matthew Wilson and Anne Swithenbank (Picture by Stuart Walker.)

The first of two editions of BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time recorded in front of a capacity audience at the Stanwix Theatre in Carlisle is set for transmission this Friday (14 September.)

More often used by students from the Institute of the Arts to hone their production and performance skills while studying at the University of Cumbria, honorary fellow Eric Robson chaired a panel of gardening experts who offer advice on UK radio’s longest running programme.

Two editions of the show were recorded with panellists Pippa Greenwood, Matthew Wilson and Anne Swithenbank considering queries as varied as how to preserve a pond to the best way of masking a monkey puzzle tree.

Professor of practice, Graeme Danby (Picture by Stuart Walker.)

Producer Hannah Newton praised the variety of topics raised and the diverse range of material recorded by the panel at Tullie House and other Cumbrian locations which will also form part of the programmes due to be broadcast on 14 September at 3pm (repeated on 16 September at 2pm) and 12 and 14 October.

The programmes attract an audience of around 2million listeners.

“It was a privilege to be asked to host such a well-known and prestigious programme,” Graeme Danby, professor of practice at the Institute of the Arts, said.

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