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MP helps launch manifesto for ‘Cinderella service’ radiotherapy

Tim Farron MP launching the manifesto at the Academy of Medical Sciences

South Lakes MP Tim Farron helped launch the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Radiotherapy’s manifesto yesterday which calls on the Government to increase its investment in radiotherapy and improve access to treatment.

Described by many as the Cinderella service when it comes to cancer treatments, radiotherapy only currently receives 5% of the NHS cancer treatment budget despite the fact that 1 in 4 people in the UK will need treatment at some point in their lifetime.

Access to treatment also remains a big issue for many people with patients in the South Cumbria having make a 2-3 hour round trip for five days a week, for weeks on end to reach their nearest treatment centres in Preston or Carlisle.

Tim Farron MP alongside Professor Pat Price, Karen Smith, Dr Jeanette Dickson and Dr Viv Cosgrove

Also speaking at the event, which took place at the Academy of Medical Sciences in London, was Dr Jeanette Dickson from the Royal College of Radiologists, Dr Viv Cosgrove from the Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine, Karen Smith from the Society and College of Radiographers and breast cancer survivor Judith Potts.

Tim said: “Radiotherapy is the Cinderella service when it comes to the way we extend lives, to improve the quality of lives and save lives.

“This manifesto seeks to put pressure on the Government to start properly investing in radiotherapy so that all patients have access to the best radiotherapy as close to home as possible so that they can have an effective service which will increase the cure rate for cancer.”

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