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Burglar who was chased by victim is jailed by judge

Carlisle Crown Court

A BURGLAR who broke into one house and was found by police with loot stolen from another has been jailed.

Stefan Miller, 28, was handed a 15-month prison term earlier today (WED).

Carlisle Crown Court heard how Miller sneaked into a under-renovation house in Thursby, near Carlisle, on the morning of June 21.

The occupant, who had been upstairs, came down and then gave bravely gave chase as Miller fled towards a vehicle having stolen power tools. A struggle ensued during which the victim was grabbed but not injured.

When police caught up with Miller, he was found in possession of a stolen digital radio which had been pinched from a property in High Street, Maryport, hours earlier.

He admitted burglary, common assault and handling stolen goods, and was sentenced by Judge Peter Davies.

The judge heard that Miller, of Main Street, Dearham, was aiming to curb drug use which had seen him return to crime after a break of several years.

But Judge Davies told him: “You can’t go into people’s houses and expect to be treated with mercy and kindness.”

The judge added: “Burglars go to prison, Mr Miller, and that is where you will be going.”

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