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Carlisle man admits assaulting door-supervisor

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A door-supervisor has been awarded £50 in compensation after he was assaulted while working at the Border Rambler pub on Botchergate in the early hours of Sunday April 8.

Shane Jessamine, 24, of Cumrew Close, Harraby, Carlisle, was charged with assault by beating, he was to stand trial today [Mon] but changed his plea to one of guilty before trial.

Andrew Travis prosecuting told the magistrates sitting in the Rickergate court house in Carlisle how Jessamine was in the Border Rambler pub, but went outside to `smoke` at the front doorway, he was asked to leave and move away, when he then attempted to gain entry there was an argument between the two-men, the court was told Jessamine then threw a punch to the back of the door-man’s head and then said “I’m talking to a divvy”.

Police officers on patrol witnessed the altercation and the court was told how the defendant attempted to head-butt the door-supervisor, he got into his [supervisor] face and punched his head, when arrested and taken to Durranhill police station he was found to have a wrap of class A cocaine on his person, he also pleaded guilty to possession of the illegal drug during an earlier hearing.

Jessamine admitted he had drunk about ten-glasses of gin; he only wanted to finish his “fag” and then get back into the pub the magistrates were told.

Chris Toms defence lawyer said his client got involved in an argument over a female known to both men, he just threw one-punch toward the door-man, he is a working man and apologises for his actions.

Jessamine was fined £266 for the assault, with a victims surcharge of £30, plus the compensation of £50.

For the charge of drug possession there was a fine of £133 plus court costs of £85, the drugs were ordered to be fortitude and destroyed

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