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Month of action launched to tackle speeding in Thurstonfield

A month of action will be held in Thurstonfield as police look to address concerns raised by local residents of speeding motorists.

Throughout the month, Thurstonfield Community Speed Watch volunteers will be out in force to target speeding vehicles on the B5307 through the village.

When on duty they will be supported by PCSOs with proactive officers visiting the area regularly to enforce the law where necessary.

The month of action, which is being supported by the Cumbria Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, follows concerns raised by residents about vehicles speeding through the village.

Sergeant Scott Adams said: “Speeding is a concern for both local residents in Thurstonfield and for police.

“October’s month of action will look to observe driver behaviour, enforce the law where offences are committed and ultimately make the area safer.

“On the particular stretch of road, the B5307, we have received numerous complaints about the dangerous manner of driving by some motorists.

“Sadly, in some cases, it is only when the tragic consequences of speeding occur do those who speed realise the impact of their irresponsible behaviour.

“We will continue to listen and work closely with our local communities in order to address any concerns they may have.”

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “I welcome and support this month of action by local police and volunteers in Thurstonfield, as they work together to keep our roads safe and potentially save lives.

“I pledged as part of my consultation on raising the council tax, that I would do more to help tackle speeding and anti-social driving as this is a subject that comes up frequently when I talk to the people I meet or from those that write to me.  That was why I was happy to fund three new Speed Watch radar-guns earlier this year, so that volunteers from the local communities are empowered to help reduce anti-social driving and improve safety in their local area.

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers for the part they play in keeping our roads and community safe, we can’t do this without them.”

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