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Public lecture to celebrate collaboration between Ambleside Natural History Society and the University of Cumbria

Lizzie Daly

Wildlife biologist and TV presenter Lizzie Daly is to come to Cumbria.

The star of BBC’s Earth Unplugged and Curious Creatures will be at the Ambleside campus of the University of Cumbria on October 11 from 730pm as part of a celebration to mark a collaboration between the Ambleside Natural History Society and the University of Cumbria.

In her talk titled “Living with Elephants” Lizzie Daly will report on her work in the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya, where traditional small hold farmers and African elephants often live in close proximity. Human-elephant conflict, for example in the form of crop-raiding, is a daily occurrence. At the same time, elephants can provide valuable cash income from eco-tourism. Lizzie Daly will explore the question how we can coexist alongside elephants for the future and provide valuable insights into the resolution of human-wildlife conflict in Kenya and beyond.

The free lecture is to mark the signing a memorandum of understanding between Ambleside Natural History Society and the University of Cumbria to collaborate on encouraging communities in the central Lake District to gain greater understanding, enjoyment and conservation of the natural world and environment.

The Ambleside Natural History Society was founded in 1954 and has been running a vibrant programme of lectures and field excursions covering all aspects of natural history including geology, plant life and wildlife as well as human interactions with the natural world.

The University of Cumbria’s teaching and research provision in conservation biology, outdoor studies, geography and forestry at the Lake District Campus in Ambleside provides exciting opportunities for collaboration to enrich the lives of Lake District’s communities and students alike. Volker Deecke, Associate Professor in Wildlife Conservation, said: “Working together with the Ambleside Natural History Society provides an exciting forum for inter-generational learning and exchange. It’s a great opportunity for our students to discuss conservation issues with the Society’s members, many of whom have a profound knowledge and understanding of the Lake District and its natural history”.

The talk is made possible by contributions from the Ambleside Natural History Society, the student-led Ambleside Conservation Society and a bequest by Jean and Morison Harding who were both active members of the Ambleside Natural History Society.

The talk will be held in the Percival Lecture Theatre on the University of Cumbria’s Lake District Campus in Ambleside. It is free and open to everyone. To reserve your place, please visit:

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