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Cumbrian Craftsman sends his Marmalade Mansion replicas worldwide

L-R: Jane Hasell-McCosh, Ian Butler and Florence Lindeman

Local craftsman Ian Butler has designed and created two wooden replicas of Dalemain Mansion, which will are to be shipped to Osaka, Japan and Adelaide, Australia as part of the launch of a series of International Marmalade Festivals.

The Dalemain World Marmalade Awards, which take place annually in Cumbria, have been working in partnership with the South Australian National Trust to organise an annual Dalemain Marmalade Awards ‘down under’ and following on from this success are launching a Japanese Marmalade Festival in May 2019.

Ian Butler, of Croglin Toys, has been crafting traditional wooden toys for over 35 years. He created the first Dalemain Dollhouse for Dalemain over 10 years ago, crafting an incredibly detailed replica with windows that fold in, leaving the perfect gap for displaying a jar of marmalade. He was delighted to update his designs for two new creations, which will soon be displaying Japanese and Australian marmalade jars on the other side of the world.

Florence Lindeman of the Dalemain World Marmalade Awards says: “Ian’s craftsmanship is wonderful – the detail with which he has replicated Dalemain is quite extraordinary. It is very exciting to think that versions of Dalemain, created with love in Cumbria, will be on display in Japan and Australia – it’s the perfect symbol of the power of marmalade!”

The original Dollhouse remains at Dalemain, where it will once again take pride of place at the Marmalade Festival on 16th & 17th March 2019.

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