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Woman sentenced after dog bites young visitor to her north Cumbria home

Carlisle Crown Court

A WOMAN has been sentenced after a dangerously out of control Collie dog bit a young visitor to her north Cumbria home.

Sandra Gould, a 53-year-old woman with no previous convictions, found herself in the dock at Carlisle Crown Court today (FRI) following an incident at her Bewcastle home on June 12.

On that date, Gould was in charge of her partner’s 14-year-old brown and white Collie, Bert. The animal was loose in the yard when a 17-year-old female arrived at Gould’s property, and then bit her on the top of her right thigh as she left following a short visit. It left her with two puncture-like marks to her leg, which was sore and throbbed for a couple of days.

Gould, who had shown concern for the teen after the incident, admitted being in charge of the dog when it was dangerously out of control and caused injury.

No application was sought for destruction of the dog by the prosecution, with no previous reports of the dog having bit anyone. However, a contingent order – imposing strict conditions for controlling the animal in future – was made.

Judge James Adkin imposed a community order which comprises a 28-day night-time curfew.

Judge Adkin told Gould that Bert was being given a “last chance” following the “nasty bite”, and said: “Next time he bites, he will be put down.”

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