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Carlisle man admits dangerous driving

A Carlisle man was pursued by police after being witnessed to be driving dangerously.

Magistrates sitting in the Carlisle Rickergate Court House were told how Luke Robert Colin Whitfield, 20, of Wigton Road, pleaded guilty to the offence.

John Moran prosecuting informed the court how officers on mobile patrol witnessed him driving a BMW car around 11pm on September 8, at speed in a residential area of the city along Orton Road and Wigton Road, he was then seen to drive through a red light near to Sainsbury’s in Caldewgate, at one point he was recorded driving 70mph.

The prosecutor said in Caldewgate another car had to take evasive action to avoid a crash, police used their blues lights and sirens with full beam headlights on during the chase, he was eventually stopped on Eden Bridges after going through another red light, he was stopped after a “police stinger” which deflates the tyres was used which brought the car to a halt.

The magistrates were told that this was a long period of bad driving while being pursued by police officers, at speed in the city and residential areas.

Whitfield was given an interim driving disqualification and will be sentenced by a judge at Carlisle Crown Court on November 9, a pre-sentence report was ordered for the judge.

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