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Lakeland Motor Museum team to feature in TV’s ‘Walking Britain’s Lost Railways’

Ken Atkinson, Chris Lowe and Rob Bell enjoy the lakes in the 1925 Humber

The team at the Lakeland Motor Museum in South Cumbria will enjoy national exposure on television tomorrow night (October 12), after taking part in filming for the latest episode of Channel 5’s ‘Walking Britain’s Lost Railways’.

Presented by engineer Rob Bell, the programme explores old railway lines that existed across the country before cuts were made in the 1960’s, all whilst experiencing magnificent rural landscapes and lost infrastructure. While the creation of the lines demonstrated how British engineering played a key role in people’s lives, every episode also explores how – once gone – the lost lines affected the community, industry and lifestyle of the area it disappeared from.

Friday night’s episode features the now disused Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith railway line, which, following its use as a mineral line, went into decline following the end of the First World War – and over the following decades due to competition from road transportation methods. In addition to delving into the history of the line, the programme will also feature the types of cars which were seen being driven in the Lake District at that time, which were considered as competition to the railways.

The Humber in situ at the Lakeland Motor Museum

The Lakeland Motor Museum’s 1925 Humber was used for the filming, expertly driven by the vehicle’s previous owner and long-term museum supporter, Ken Atkinson – who also restored the car himself. Ken and Rob were accompanied by the heritage attraction’s Operations Manager Chris Lowe – who last year celebrated his 25th year working for the museum.

With viewing figures of around 1.2 million, Chris is excited to see himself on the small screen in period dress. He says, “We had a great day’s filming here in the Lake District earlier this year and I really enjoyed working with Rob. Having ditched my usual overalls for the day, we had such a laugh all dressed up in clothing from days gone by and driving around the lakes in the Humber really took us back in time! Ken was behind the wheel, which was a joy to behold as I think he knows that car better than he knows himself!”

Episode 4 of the series airs at 9pm on Channel 5, Friday October 12.

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