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The Lakes With Paul Rose

Paul Rose

For the last 20 years the Lake District has been the place that adventurer and explorer Paul Rose calls home.

He can see the central fells from his living room window and within a few minutes can walk to the shores of Windermere, England’s biggest lake.

In the first episode of this new documentary series, Paul explores Windermere and joins the 18 million tourists who make the Lake District the most visited national park in the country.

Paul takes the helm of one the Windermere cruise ships which carry one in ten of every visitor to area, and he takes a look at how Windermere first became a tourist destination for wealthy adventurers who wanted a different kind of wild experience in 18th century Britain.

He also goes in hunt of things modern-day visitors may miss, including a hound trailing event that’s been a part of the Lake District calendar for more than 200 years. Plus, he meets one of the survivors of the Holocaust who came to the Lake District in 1945 as part of a mercy mission to help Jewish orphans from the Second Word War.

Paul ends the programme with the ascent of Orrest Head, which offers a spectacular view of Windermere, and was the first hill climbed by Alfred Wainwright when he came to the Lakes in the 1930s.

In further episodes, Paul explores Coniston, Derwentwater/Borrowdale and Eskdale.

The Lakes with Paul Rose will be shown on BBC Two this Friday 19 October at 8.30pm.

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